Real Chocolate vs Fake Chocolate

Have you ever wondered about the difference between real chocolate and a sweet dark brown product that looks like chocolate? Most of us love chocolate, and the new trend is to eat dark chocolate because it's rich in antioxidants and has less sugar than the usual chocolates in the market. Dark chocolate is popular among health-conscious people who are looking for a healthier option.
However, many companies use a dark brown product that looks like chocolate but is not real chocolate. When we see this product, we may assume that we're having dark chocolate, and that it's healthy for us, but do you know that it is not real chocolate?
Let me explain the difference.

If you hold the product in your hand for one minute, two things can happen. If it starts to melt in your hand, then it's pure chocolate, but if it doesn't start to melt, it's not really chocolate at all. This sweet dark brown product is called compound, which is mainly made from hydrogenated palm oil, sugar, and added cocoa solids, among other ingredients. It cannot be called chocolate as it doesn't have any cocoa butter in it.

When food brands use the word "choco," it is to make consumers think that they're having chocolate, but they are actually not. They're having dark compound, which looks like chocolate. So, if you see a product with the word "choco" in it, be aware that it might not be real chocolate.

What is hydrogenated palm oil? It is palm oil that has been processed in such a way that its melting temperature becomes high. This makes the product not melt in tropical countries like India, and that's why when you have dark compound in your hand, it generally doesn't melt like chocolate would.
The problem with compound or hydrogenated palm oil is that it is made in a way that makes consumers think that they're having chocolate, but that's actually not the case. Hydrogenated palm oil is a major source of trans fat, which is generally a type of fat that one should avoid as it's unhealthy to consume.
The primary reason why people use compound over chocolate is that it's cheaper. A dark compound comes in the range of 200 INR per kg, and dark chocolate would come at a minimum of 650 INR per kilo.

The reason for it not melting in tropical climates like India is also a reason to use it for better shelf life.

In my opinion, if you're thinking of eating chocolate, you might as well have the real one. It is healthier and better for your overall well-being. So, the next time you grab a sweet dark brown product that looks like chocolate, remember that it might not be real chocolate, and it may not be good for your health.